Annique Resque Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer 100ml


Annique Resque Hand Sanitizer+ is a fast drying, moisturising alcohol hand sanitizer. This effective sanitizer contains 75% alcohol, assists in killing bacteria and works rapidly against many common micro-organisms. With no need for soap or water, it is a good hygiene solution to protect the entire family.

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Benefits of our Annique Hand Sanitizer:
• 75% Alcohol
• Works rapidly against many common micro-organisms
• Assists in killing bacteria
• Fast drying
• Moisturizing
• Non-sticky
• Can be used regularly
The Application Process:
Make sure all visible organic matter like excess dirt and grease is removed from your hands. Apply the sanitizer to the palm of one hand, and then rub into palms, back of hands, between fingers and outside of thumb on both hands until dry. Do this regularly, especially when you don’t have access to soap and water.
What is Hand Sanitizer and what is its purpose?
Hand sanitizer is a gel product, that contains alcohol and is used to help prevent the spread of germs and infections. Hand sanitizer, agent applied to the hands for the purpose of removing common pathogens (disease-causing organisms).  The alcohol works immediately and effectively in order to kill bacteria and most viruses.
Benefits of using our Hand Sanitizer:
  • It is an effective and quick way to clean your hands and the surfaces around you.
  • Hand Sanitizer acts quickly to kill germs and bacteria on hands.
  • It is easily accessible where ever you go.
  • It reduces the bacteria and germ counts rapidly on your hands.
  • Does not promote antimicrobial resistance.
  • They are less irritating to the skin than that of some soaps and water.
  • Some can even improve the condition of the skin and moisturize your hands in the process.

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Scrubbing germs away and sanitizing your hands, correctly and as often as possible, is the first line of defense against the spread of many bacteria and germs.
Our Annique 75% Alcohol-based 100ml moisturizing hand sanitizer is the perfect product for everyday use to fight off germs.
With its moisturizing effect, you wouldn’t want to use any other products available.


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