Lamelle – Male Prelox – Enhancement – 60 capsules


The best male enhancement? We say go with the one that’s scientifically proven most effective. Prelox Male Enhancement is designed to help men to respond to their partner’s stimulation. It’s unique (patented), backed by science and proven effective short- and long-term. The best part? It’s all-natural and you don’t need a prescription for Prelox Male Enhancement.

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Lamelle – Male Prelox – Enhancement – 60 capsules

Important study results

During trails of Prelox Male Enhancement, we saw these remarkably encouraging results:

– Restored erection quality reported as early as day 1

– 80% of men saw restored erection function in the first month

– A 66% improvement in erection function in the first 3 months

– Increased 78% improvement in erection function in the first 6 months

– Prelox Male Enhancement is safe and very well tolerated

Important to know

The patented Prelox Male Enhancement complex has shown encouraging results when taking two capsules a day before breakfast. The trials show that the longer you take the product, the more effective it is. So please note that this is not a product that is taken impulsively for an immediate reaction, this supplement is a more long-term commitment.

Men taking Prelox Male Enhancement have greater confidence in their ability to regain normal function of their penis and inhibit erectile dysfunction.


 Prelox® Propriety Blend

– Pycnogenol®

– L-Arginine Mono HCL


2 capsules daily.

Persons under medical supervision taking prescribed medication or diagnosed with an illness or disease should consult their healthcare professional before use.


 Lamm S. Prelox® for Improvement of Erectile Quality. European Endocrinology 2009;5(1):70-74. 2. Andrea Ledda, Gianni Belcaro, Maria R. Cesarone, Mark Dugall and Frank Schönlau. Investigation of a complex plant extract for mild to moderate erectile dysfunction in a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled, parellel-arm study. BJU International 2010 (106):1030-1033.

Prelox® and Pycnogenol® are registered trademarks


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