Lamelle – Luminesce Treatment Pack – FREE Cleanser


What does Luminesce treat?

Dark marks, splotches and uneven skin colour.

– The “mask of pregnancy” – melasma around the mouth and upper lip.

– Noticeably darker skin after sun exposure and as you get older.

– Luminesce is a hyperpigmentation treatment range that works for every type of hyperpigmentation because it does what no other product can: It impacts how your skin produces new pigment, naturally.

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Luminesce Brighter Day

Newly updated with powerful and pigment inhibiting ingredients that better protect cell nuclei and prevent sun damage, as well as first-of-its-kind DNA-level melasma control. Brighter Day is a medium-light day cream that penetrates easily into the skin and soothes irritation, making especially good to use along with broad-spectrum Brighter Defence SPF 30.

Luminesce Evening Glow

The most advanced hyperpigmentation night cream available. Evening Glow contains the same pigment-inhibiting peptides as Brighter Day, but this richer formulation contains the non-irritating proprietary retinoic acid analogue and exfoliators to activate the cells’ natural exfoliation for smoother, more radiant skin.

Luminesce Brighter Cleanse (FREE)

This delightful soap-free cleanser is made with yarrow and lemon balm extracts that soothe irritated skin, as well as mallow and peppermint that soften and tone simultaneously. There are also clever pigment-inhibiting peptides inside, designed to become trapped in the skin while you cleanse, from where they influence the pigmentation process.


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