Lamelle – Clarity Treatment Pack for Acne – FREE Cleanser


Targeting the four key pimple concerns

The exciting new formulations inside Clarity & Acnevelle directly impact all four key concerns in inflammatory acne:

1.    Normalising skin cell turnover.

2.    Decreasing the amount of sebum and oiliness of the skin and preventing oxidation of squalene.

3.    Actively treating the inflammation, redness, and irritation that the acne lesions cause in the skin. Therefore also reduce the risk of scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

4.    Lowering the bacterial load of the skin and boosting the skin’s immune function.

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Clarity Corrective AM

Meet your new bestie. This easy-apply day cream packs all the punch of an everyday pimple hero – made with all the most technologically advanced pimple treatments that’ll work to give you clear skin and keep it that way.

Clarity Corrective PM Plus

The sweet say-goodnight. This night-time pimple treatment cream is just what you need to keep your skin clear in the long run. It’s slightly richer than the day cream – but never oily – and contains a special night-time mix of ingredients, including an ultra-safe new form of retinoid that helps normalise skin cell turnover without drying your skin.

Clarity Active Cleanse (FREE)

Good, clean and pimple-free. This soap-free, small-bubble gel cleanser is where the magic starts. It already contains vital exfoliating, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients – so you’re fighting pimples every time you cleanse. But it’s also made with a friendly hydrator to keep your skin feeling good with every wash.


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