NEW Annique Face Facts Crystal Clear Cleanser – 100ml


FaceFacts Crystal Clear Cleanser for Teens Wipes away dirt and leaves skin refreshingly clean and even toned. It also contains fruit acids to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and remove oiliness.

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Annique Acne Cleanser Face Fact Range

Annique Acne Cleanser is specially formulated for Acne skin and has a fresh dual therapeutic fragrance which helps control oiliness and acne-forming bacteria.


  • A fresh and delicate herbal cleanser that leaves the skin refreshingly clean.
  • It removes dirt, dust, loose and dead skin cells, microorganisms, sebum, sweat residues, and make-up.
  • Purifies the skin deeply from impurities, yet mild enough not to cause irritation.
  • Thoroughly eliminates and prevents skin impurities which can lead to acne forming.
  • Effectively removes excess oils, but still maintains moisture and leaves a matt appearance.
  • It lathers into a soft, gentle foam giving your skin a pleasant sensation.
  • Unisex product for young skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Contains organic Green Rooibos extract, which is a super antioxidant, which detoxifies, has anti-inflammatory properties and regenerates skin cells.
  • Contains alpha hydroxy acids (a unique blend of bilberry, sugarcane, sugar maple, orange and lemon extract) that promotes a smoother skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal.

One of the six differences between Annique and other skincare manufacturers is that we encourage only cleansing once a day, at night. Cleansing disturbs the delicate pH balance of the skin, which takes 18 hours or more to return to normal. Cleansing only once a day ensures that the skin’s pH is restored, so the skin can function optimally. Suitable for all skin types. Crystal Clear has a fresh dual therapeutic fragrance which helps control oiliness and acne-forming bacteria.

Annique Crystal Clear Cleanser is mild and effective but tough on acne. The inclusion of fruit acids helps to gently exfoliate the problem skin without “over” cleansing it. Oily skin should not be cleaned too harshly or too often because that will strip the skin of important natural oil and stimulate the skin to produce more oil that will, in turn, clog the pores.

This is a gentle herbal formula that includes problem-skin friendly ingredients like Annique’s organic Green Rooibos tea extract, sugar cane, bilberry, sugar maple, orange, and lemon extracts. You can add a dash of FaceFacts Smooth Over Scrub to your FaceFacts Cleanser every night for a thorough deep cleanse.

Crystal Clear can be used to shave the face and legs. It prevents shave rash and stops in-grown hair and combats breakouts. See our Face Fact Range

✔ Problem, sensitive and allergic skin

Application: Use in the evenings. Rinse your face with Rooibos tea and apply Crystal Clear with light circular movements onto your face and neck. Wipe away dirt and pollutants with a damp facial sponge or cloth and rinse with Rooibos water. Apply Moisture Shield SPF 8


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