How to Host a Pamper Party for Men


Traditionally, beauty product, treatments and pampers have been branded as “girly” – a practice women have sworn by over the years. However, the tides are beginning to turn with more men starting to purchase grooming products and taking part in services offered at spas.

Today, men are more interested in health and grooming than ever before. But how do you go about hosting a pamper party while still making men feel well… manly?

First off, explain why it’s important for men to look after their skin. Men generally produce more oil so when the skin is not cleaned properly it can lead to blackheads and pimples. Additionally, continuous shaving can cause inflammation.

Science – not “Pamper”

Next, introduce Annique’s products for men, but leave out the flowery language and stick to the science.
180° 3-in-1 Face, Hair & Body Wash
An effective multi-tasking formula that has been formulated to gently cleanse face, body and hair without stripping it of moisture.

180° Gentle Shaving Foam
It sets up a slick surface for a close shave, which helps prevent nicks, cuts and razor burn.

180° Skin Elements for Men Moisture Balm
A 3-in-1 product that moisturises, energises and protects the skin. Sun damage is one of the major causes of skin ageing and the daily prevention of overexposure helps to keep skin looking great.

No one wants to stand out from the crowd in a new environment, so share testimonials from other men who have used Annique’s products to show them how popular male grooming has become.

Remember to let the audience interact with the product – touch it, smell it – the more familiar they become with the products the less strange it will feel to use it.


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