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The Tip Top brand was established in 1981.

The philosophy behind Tip Top was to develop a brand of nail color & treatments that comprised of the following attributes & characteristics: Durability, Innovation, Toxin & Cruelty Free.

The afore mentioned was achieved by ensuring that the products are:

  • * Manufactured under the most stringent conditions
  • * Utilizing only the finest raw materials available
  • * Developing cutting-edge formulations
  • * Keeping abreast with the most up to date fashion trends
  • * Doing no harm by ensuring the products are not tested on animals
  • * Developing products which are-Vegan, Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP (Dibuthyl Phthalate) and Camphor FREE.

As a result, Tip Top has become recognized as being relied upon by the consumer for achieving outstanding results through the purchase of its products through the drugstore, departmental & professional environments.

Awards: Proudly South African caring for beauty 2005, Prix d' excellence 1989 & 1999

Tip Top's range currently comprises of an extensive range of carefully selected nail shades, problem solving nail treatments as well as that of selective nail shades & trends which are introduced on a regular basis. Tip Top offers you fashion, you choose your style!!


Some Tip Top nails shades and colors

Red microbeadsThis is an awesome combination, a pure red polish with red microbeads, which is a nail art combination by Tip Top Nails. The red polish is super opaque & the microbeads don't bleed. Only a couple of the microbeads may fall off, which is normal for this type of manicure.

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