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Love Your Body.

The Slim Factory Health and wellness clinic offers professional slimming, toning and anti-cellulite treatments.

Along with these extensive slimming treatments they add a healthy eating guide to maximize your weight loss results.

A range of slimming treatments are on offer at The Slim Factory to help lose those unwanted kilos.

The Machines are of the highest quality and our staff are internationally qualified therapists trained to treat you professionally. Our staff will take measurements before and after treatments and record these on your customer profile.

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Slimming Wraps.
Using the Patricia Clarke Body Contouring range you will leave after a 90 minute treatment having lost between 18 - 80 cm's.

Our program provides precise and controlled exercise for muscles whilst using infra-red therapy to target cellulite and flowtron for lymph drainage to get rid of the broken down cellulite and toxins.

The thermal cellulite and toning treatments as well as guaranteed centimetre loss are ideal for areas such as upper arms, stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks and legs.

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Special Packages.
We have a range of slimming packages to suit your needs. Contact our clinic or make a free consultation appointment to discuss your needs and how we can help you get the body you love.

Treatments are done in either three 30 minute sessions or two 45 minute sessions per week for optimal results.

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