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Diva in a Dash (Pty) Ltd is a unique “Beauty Salon” that incorporates “Photography”. We are excited about our industry, we love what we do it is not a job. Our salon is focused on beauty, slimming, permanent make up & photography.

We are leading with brand integrity and professionalism in our fields. Our expertise will give you the opportunity to experience treatments and services fit for the Diva in You. Relaxing treatments will fill your body, mind and soul peacefully. Visit our membership sign up page to become a Diva Member. We have various options to choose from and you will receive free treatments each months. Terms & Conditions Apply. Download form here that will explain the options.

Our promise:

"You will receive the best at Diva in a Dash, nothing else will be good enough".

Our motto:

"Be the best you can be”.

Diva in a Dash also value our relationships with our customers as well as employees and suppliers. We want to build a family of extended friends not just customers. Together we can give suburb quality of service excellence every time.

We believe that our loyalty to our brands makes us one of a kind that incorporates all aspects of a woman. Our Company also cater for other genders as well as children. Come to Diva in a Dash and meet our team of experts. As woman entrepreneurs we strive to give you the best of all worlds.

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