Do you need to be more active?

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We live in a fast-paced world where carving time out of our day to get our hearts pumping is tough. If you’re letting your fitness program pass you by, you may be noticing it in more than just your weight. While increased rates of weight gain are often the first sign to get you playing sports again, there are other signs and signals that you need to be on the lookout for.

Let’s have a look at 10 signs that mean you need to start being more active or you could start putting your health in real jeopardy.

No.10 - You have a low appetite level and its making it difficult to meet nutritional requirements.
If you complete an intense workout session, you know very well what this does to your appetite level. Hard exercise will make it a challenge to stop eating, and if you’re a guy or girl with a high daily calorie requirement, this can be a very good thing.

If you aren’t eating enough throughout the day because your appetite level is low, this could make it difficult to meet key nutritional requirements to maximize your health.

Physical exercise regulates your appetite, so if you’re never hungry, this is likely a sign that you aren’t active enough.

No.9 - You struggle to maintain good posture.
Posture is one overlooked area of fitness for many guys and girls but one that does deserve your attention. Maintaining good posture is not only important to help you feel more confident, but also to help ensure that you don’t experience back pain down the road or use improper form as you go about your exercises.

If you struggle to maintain good posture throughout the day, this indicates that the postural muscles are not as strong as they should be, so that’s something you’ll need to work on

No.8 - You don't sweat quickly upon intense exercise.
You might think that sweating is an indication of not being in good physical conditioning, but this is completely untrue. The fitter you are, the better your cooling system will be, therefore the better your body will be able to regulate itself.

If you start sweating almost as soon as you boost the intensity of your exercise program, that’s a great sign you’re in good physical shape.

No.7 - Your body aches more often than it used to.
If you find that you when you do exercise you’re sore for days after your workout session, this is yet another sign that you’re not active enough. Many people believe that working out too frequently is what makes you sore, and while this may be the case if you really overdo it, working out not often enough can cause greater soreness as well.

If you aren’t hitting the gym frequently enough, you’ll be experiencing neuromuscular adaptations each time you do hit the gym, which produces greatest soreness.

Frequent sessions minimize this because your body will stay accustomed to the movement pattern.

No.6 - Your weight is steadily increasing.
While the diet you use is going to play the largest role in determining whether or not you lose or gain weight initially, exercise is going to determine whether or not you succeed with keeping the weight off.

If you’ve noticed your weight is creeping up over time and you do make an effort to eat healthy, the reason is likely your activity level. Regular physical activity will not only maintain your lean muscle mass, which is important for keeping your metabolism strong, but it will also help to boost your metabolism after a workout.

This also helps give you a little more leeway with your diet so you’ll see a decreased risk of gaining body fat.

No.5 - You can't perform 20 push-ups.
A good standard to aim for when it comes to muscular strength for most men is the ability to perform 30 push-ups in a row. For woman it should be 20 push-ups. If you find that once you don’t get there and you start to falter in form, you need to work on improving your overall strength capacity.

No.4 - You have unstable blood sugar levels.
One of the best benefits of regular physical activity is that it will deplete your muscle glycogen levels so that you maintain a higher degree of insulin sensitivity. This means when you do include carbs in your diet, you’re less likely to shuttle them off to body-fat stores or have them sitting around in your blood stream causing problems.

They’ll quickly move straight into the muscle cells where they’re stored as muscle glycogen.

For anyone looking to fend off diabetes, regular exercise is a must.

No.3 - You're very fatigued at the end of the day
While some people will believe that intense exercise is going to cause greater fatigue at the end of the day, the opposite tends to be true. If you’re always dragging as your day wraps up and feel more like lying on the couch rather than doing something active, your fitness level could use a jump start.

A good workout program should leave you feeling energized almost all the time so fatigue isn’t a factor in your week.

No.2 - It takes your heart rate a long time to return to normal.
Another indication that you are not active enough is if it takes your heart rate a considerable amount of time to return to normal. Those who are in good physical condition will notice that their heart rate increases and decreases quite quickly with ease to accommodate the intensity of exercise being performed.

If you feel much winded for 5 to 10 minutes after you perform a sprint or other exercise that requires physical exertion, this could be a sign you need to spend more time in being active

No.1 - You're highly stressed out.
One of the absolute best ways to reduce daily stress is to make sure you’re staying active. If you’re suffering from chronic stress, there’s a good chance that you aren’t getting enough movement in your day.

Physical activity will cause a release of endorphins in the body, which will help put you in a feel-good state and help calm down your stress level. Even if you can’t do intense physical activity, even a brisk walk a few times a day can help.

We hope this helps you and are clear signs for you to get more active if you are not already.

What other signs do you have?

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