10 day manicure

Yes, your manicure can last 10 days!
Read on for tricks on how to keep your perfect polish job for a week and a half.
10 day manicure
nail polishTip 1 – Bring Your Own Bottle.
If you go to a salon, consider bringing your own bottle of nail polish. Some nail salons notoriously add thinners to extend the life of old enamel, which can change the color and cause bubbling and peeling.  When stored in a cool, dark place, your polishes should last at least a year. One cool color to try: Dior’s “Summer Mix” collection, this color evokes the spirit of its namesake ‘cocktail’. Just don’t lick your nails.

Tip 2 - Dehydrate the nails.
If there are other things on your nails like moisturizer, oil and water, it will prevent polish from doing what it should. Before polishing, wipe nails with lint-free cotton pads and an acetone-based cleanser.

Tip 3 - Apply a sticky base coat.
Some nail technicians file across nail beds before polishing. This roughs them up so the lacquer clings better, but this can do serious damage. Use a base coat that feels a little tacky when dry instead, it grips polish better.

Tip 4 - Seal the "free edge".
The base coat, nail polish, and top coat should be applied across the free edge. diagram of nailsThat is, the part of the nail that's been clipped or filed.  This quick trick alone can help double the life of your manicure, protecting your nails from water damage that will cause polish to chip.

Tip 5 - Fix nicks right away.
Nicking polish that's almost dry can lead to chipping later on. Rub a little cuticle oil over a dent to smooth it out. A nail technician might do this with nail polish remover, but that move is better left to the pros. You don't want to take off too much polish

Tip 6 - Avoid heat for 12 hours after.
While it might feel dry to the touch, your polish can take up to 12 hours to fully harden and set. This could explain those sheet marks you woke up with, even though your polish seemed dry before bed time. Heat can interfere with the curing process, so try not washing your hands with hot water and blowing on your nails (your breath is warm), and stay clear of hot yoga, saunas, and hot tubs

Tip 7 - Oil your nails daily.
Nail and cuticle oil is the fastest way to get much needed moisture into your nail bed, it prevents peeling and splitting. Traditional lotions and moisturizers are not like nail oils which are formulated with ingredients such as vitamin E and jojoba oil that can penetrate deep and beyond the layers of polish in the nail. Plus, perfumes and alcohol in many hand lotions can actually dry out your cuticles and crack your polish.

We hope these tips help and let us know below how this works for you and how long it actually can last. Keep shining!

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