A quick spa pedicure

spa pedicureHere are four quick tips on how to give yourself a quick spa-pedicure. All you need is a foot scrub, some lotion, your favorite nail polish and you are good to go.

How to prepare - Dampen your feet and rub on a scrub to scrub off dead skin. Then all you do is rinse and then pat dry.

Step 1
Trim your toe nails with your favorite clippers so that they extend just slightly beyond the tops of your toes. Then grab your funky filer and file your nails into squares with rounded edges and glide over them with a buffer to even out any ridges on the surface.

Step 2
Massage some of your lotion into your feet and lower legs in circular motions with your knuckles. Try apply more pressure to your arches and calves to undo the tension.

Step 3
Gently push back your cuticles on your toes with a wooden cuticle stick. Do three light pushes on your big toe and one on each of your others toes. Please never cut your cuticles as they prevent bacteria from getting under your skin. Then grab a cotton pad and soak it in nail polish remover and wipe your toe nails to create a clean canvas.

Step 4
Now apply two coats of nail polish. Don’t forget to seal with a topcoat. All you do now is wait 30 minutes for it to dry or blast with cool air from a hairdryer to speed it up.

Let us know how it works for you…

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