Manicure and pedicure bible

bible for perfect nailsHere are the 10 master manicure and perfect pedicure tricks with seen-on-the-street summer nails that stopped us in our tracks!

Trick 1 - Brush it off.
To clean off polish that's seeped onto your cuticles, use a flat, stiff-bristled eyeliner brush. Dip it in polish remover and then gently swipe the edge of brush along your cuticle. The color will come right off your skin without messing up your manicure.  

Trick 2 - Protect your polish.
If you do your nails before a going somewhere, take a bottle of UV-protecting top coat with you. Do this especially if you're heading to the beach. Exposure to the sun as well as sand and salt water dulls polish. But if you apply the top coat every day, your color will stay bright and shiny for your entire visit.

Trick 3 - Quick dry nails.
When you don't have the full time to wait for your nails to dry, fill a small bowl with ice water and dip your fingers in for 30 seconds. The coldness hardens the polish instantly. Not recommended but save this trick for when you're really in a hurry. The only bad thing is that the color will look less shiny.

Trick 4 - Shape up the nails.
Ladies often ask what the most flattering nail shape is, round or square? For the prettiest look, follow the natural shape of the base of your nail where it meets the cuticle. If the line is more curved, then round nails are best. If the line is straighter with only a slight bend at the corners, go with square nails.  

Trick 5 - Don't let it fade out.
When applying sunscreen to the back of your hands, don't rub it into polished nails. The ingredients in sunscreen can give colors, especially lighter shades, a yellowish tint. When you don’t do this you will notice that your manicures stay fresher for much longer.

Trick 6 – Don’t cut your cuticles.
Do not cut ragged cuticles with a nipper. It only makes the peeling worse. Instead, gently buff cuticles with the finer side of an emery board to remove the flaky bits and don’t use a metal or glass nail file. This helps the skin grow back more evenly, so it's less likely to chafe again.

Trick 7 - Preserve your nail polish.
If you wash your hair within 24 hours of doing your nails, gently work the shampoo into your scalp with the pads of your fingers. Don't wildly scratch at the skin, or your polish can chip.

Trick 8 - Clip nails properly.
Remember that a nail file is for shaping, not shortening. So many women aggressively go at their nails with a file, which can thin the edges and lead to splits and breaks. Use a nail clipper to take down the length, then gently file your nails into shape.

Trick 9 – Brush just the tip.
To make your manicure last a full week, do what the pros do. After each layer of base coat, color, and top coat, run the brush along the edge of your nail tip. This quick move creates a protective barrier on the tip that really helps prevent chips.

Tip 10 - The seen on the street colors for summer are bright yellow, mint green, red-orange, ombré pinks, fresh prints, hot pink, orange tips, polka dots then finally glitter.

These 10 master manicure and perfect pedicure tricks should do just the trick every time. Have you tried these tricks before and what colors are you using? Let us know and share with everyone in our comments section below…

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