Manicure like a pro

Nail color helps to boost your mood, step up your style and can be a real savior for nail bitters.

perfect red manicureWhile any color goes this season (greens, oranges and even yellows are our hot picks), how you DIY your mani can really save you time. Here are our top tips and why they’ll help you:

Remove your polish like this:
Don’t rub a cotton pad soaked in polish remover all over your nail bed. This will only cause the color to go everywhere – even into your skin. “Press the remover-soaked cotton pad down onto your nail to break up the bond of the polish. Next, wiggle the pad a little and then in a gentle pressing movement, swipe the pad over the nail from your cuticle to the tip to remove the polish.

Don’t repaint an entire nail:
Smudges happen. If it’s a small bump that can be smoothed out, try dipping a finger in polish remover (just so your finger tip is damp but not soaked), and sweep it over the smudge. Try this trick with drying drops too – we recommend you moisten a finger with Zoya’s Hurry Up Speedy Dry Drops (call 082 905 6939 for stockists) and gently sweep it over the smudged nail.

Your manicure is only as good as your top coat:
Top coat’s job is to protect your color from chipping and give your manicure (or pedicure) a glossy sheen. If you skip this step, it’s like skipping protection. And to boost the longevity of your color, paint on a thin layer (too many coats can make your polish thick and prone to peeling) of top coat every few days.

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