Tips on getting great hair

a lady with tangled hair

Stuck in a hair care rut? Do these tricks now and you’ll fall in love with your hair again – SE-RI-US!

If shampooing and conditioning is all the routine you have the time (and energy) for, here are three quick changes to make today.

1. Comb out tangles before you rinse conditioner out!
Next time you hop into the shower or bath to wash your hair, grab a wide-tooth comb (or detangling brush). Once you’ve washed your hair, apply conditioner as normal and gently comb out your hair while the conditioner is still in your hair. (It acts as a protectant against mechanical damage).

2. Change your shampoo and conditioner to match the weather!
If you’re living in Joburg for instance (and facing a dry winter), think about what that means for your hair. To boost hydration, simply switch to a moisturizing cleansing and conditioning duo. But if rainy weather is playing havoc with your hair and frizzy bits are raging out of control, change your products accordingly (you may also need an oil-base serum for super curly hair that frizzes).

3. Wash daily if you wish!
Some women like to wash their hair every day and some don’t because they’re scared of color-fade. It’s a good idea to wash your hair daily (or at least every second day) to re-moisturize it – and if you’re stressed out about color fading, simply invest in a color-protect shampoo and conditioner.

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