Getting straight hair

a woman with straight hairOne of the most important things to do when trying to get very straight hair is to remember to protect it from the harm that can be caused by heat. There is no reason why hair should be damaged at all when straightening if it is properly protected, and there are a number of ways that this can be done. Straight hair can be stunning, especially of it is long and sleek, and ghd have developed over the last few ways an amazing selection of products that are designed to help customers get this neat and well looked after style.

There is a process that users should go through if they want to get very sleek, straight and glossy hair. After making sure that they have put on a liberal amount of heat protection spray, they should use the clips that they should have been offered when purchasing the straighteners to clip their hair up into two or three sections.

Getting Straight Hair.
This will make it much easier to straighten the hair, and will also ensure that it lasts longer without turning into kinks or curls. The user should then straighten the hair slowly, not worrying about holding the straighteners in place on their hair as this will make the whole process much more effective, and quicker. If the hair is protected this is the best way to ensure a glossy and sleek straightened look.

The user should straighten these sections one at a time, letting more hair down from the clips gradually. They should go over the sections that they have already straightened whilst in the process of straightening the rest of the hair, as his will lessen the chance of any kinks or curls appearing.

When the hair seems to be straightened a user should be aware of a few things. Before turning the straighteners off they should check with a mirror that the back of the hair has not been forgotten and then run over it a couple of times anyway, just to make sure. For a high gloss finish a gloss to add shine should then to sprayed over the top, but not too much.

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