Flat iron tips

Still can't live without your straightening iron? Once you know how to achieve that sleek, smooth look it's hard to go back. It really doesn’t matter which flat iron you use: ceramic, thermal, metal or ionic - they all damage your hair with over-use and inappropriate use. The heat keeps your hair dry and over time will damage the ends of your hair.

a colorful flat ironHere are 10 tips to help you and your flat iron work side-by-side without damaging your hair.

1. Keep your flat iron clean. It will last longer and do less damage to your hair.

2. Use a styling aid to prevent frizz before you blow dry. Use it after your blow dry to get rid of frizz.

3. Practice before you head out to any major event. It's very easy to use once you get the knack of it.

4. When using the iron on your hair comb, on the section you are using first, before running the iron through it.

5. Try avoiding using any products until you finish straightening out your hair.

6. Use small sections. The smaller the section the flatter and more weightless your hair will be.

7. Use even pressure while stroking your flat iron from the root to the end without stopping on any part of the sectioned hair.

8. Use a wide bristle brush on your hair while brushing your desired shape into place.

9. Use a lightweight serum to smooth any frizz left over. You'll only need a little.

10. Let your iron cool; clean its surface with a cloth so you’ll be ready to use it again tomorrow.

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