Do you have happy hair?

Strand Science 101 - If you put a strand of your hair under the microscope, a healthy shaft boasts tightly-packed scales with very few cracks, and would appear shiny and hydrated. A slightly damaged strand is likely the result of friction from shampooing and combing the hair. But a damaged hair shaft is the most common type of all.

a guy with attacking hair
Why So Dry and What To Do - Dull texture and breakage are signs your hair needs help. If you brush too hard, get your hair colored or use heat-styling tools, there’s a good chance your locks won’t be as healthy as they could be. What to do? Be extra gentle with hair when it’s wet, as that’s when it’s most fragile. Shampoo and condition carefully, pat it dry (rather than rub it), and use a comb on damp hair instead of a brush. Also, limit heat-styling to a few times each week.

Products To The Rescue - All hair types suffer damage, but it’s important to choose care products specifically designed for your hair. Got curls? Go for a frizz-reducing product. Fine hair? Look for lightly hydrating formulas that won’t weigh you down. Also, make time for a weekly treatment to rehydrate your hair, especially the ends where sebum from the scalp can’t reach.

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