Mad englishmen and the midday sun

Summer is nearly passed, our gorgeous African sun has probably left a few reminders on your skin of days spent outside. You were a good girl and remembered the sun block most of the time, but what about the days when you forgot and, like a mad Englishman, recklessly went outside at midday.

The midday sun

Gotcha! Old Spikes won’t let you get away with it, if you had listened to the wisdom of the English, you would have, like a demure rose, stayed in the shade.

In mitigation of circumstances, we must say that it is nearly impossible to stay out of the sun in sunny South Africa, but there is a price to pay. However, both the sun and the normal aging process contribute to our skin not staying smooth and flawless over the years.

Normal Skin Turnover

Our skin continually renews and exfoliates itself, but unfortunately over the years this cell turnover slows down and skin appears dull because of these dead cells accumulating. The dead skin layer can also cause whiteheads, blackheads and makes skin appear uneven. Regular exfoliation or having a professional peel will alleviate this problem and help prevent aging. There are several options available to meet your needs.

Beta Hydroxy Peels

This is a quick and superficial peel that renews skin by lifting the dead cells off the surface of the skin and stimulating the body’s metabolism to turn over cells faster. A series of these can improve superficial lines and uneven pigmentation, leaving skin looking smoother and more radiant. Even acne scars and enlarged pores may become less noticeable.

It’s great for all skin types and all age groups and can be used all over the body. There is no downtime and make-up may be applied after a treatment, but it is safer to avoid sun exposure after any kind of peel.

This treatment can be done alone or in combination with other rejuvenation treatments such as a TCA (trichloracetic acid). This is usually recommended for people suffering from hormonal pigmentation or acne, but there are different combination treatments for every skin problem.

Alpha Hydroxy Peels

Similar to the beta hydroxy peel there is no downtime, it has a similar result which improves the appearance of the skin and is suitable for those suffering from acne or sensitive skin.

Alpha hydroxy peels can be used on all skin types and all ages and is also suitable for hormonal pigmentation, sunspots, sun damage, either dry or oily skin and enlarged pores.

Acne is improved by removing the dead cells. This unplugs the pores to release excessive oiliness which often causes pimples.

Combination Peels

3D Peel®
This peel system is for more advanced skin problems and medium depth chemical peels and is performed by a trained medical doctor. The 3D Peel® can achieve similar results to far more aggressive and invasive peels. It is a combination of three peels, the first one being done by a therapist and the second and third layer done by a doctor.

This peel improves photo aging, rough lesions, age spots, melasma (dark pigmentation) and fine lines on the skin but cannot be used on very dark skin.

Because it is a more serious treatment, there is downtime of about a week. A brightening cream, which must be applied for ten to fourteen days before the time will be provided. For the best results there is a further benefit - consider problem specific laser and light treatments in addition to the peel for amazing results. Maintaining the rejuvenation and improvement of one’s skin is essential to maintain a youthful appearance.

The 3D peel can be done four weeks after Botox® and fillers and can be combined with other treatments over time.

Cosmelan® and Dermamalan® Depigmentation Treatment

Other peels that can be considered according to your individual needs, are Cosmelan and Dermamalan depigmentation treatment. These are for dark blemishes, especially on the hands and face. Dermamalan contains a 25% higher concentration of a similar ingredient to Cosmelan and is done under supervision of a doctor. These treatments have limited down time, must be combined with home care, and the best results are seen after six months. So if you have a more serious problem, you can start now and look great by the time summer rolls around again. It is far easier to avoid the sun during winter and hence the best time to do longer term treatment.

If you can’t decide which treatment is the best for you, visit your Skin & Body Renewal Clinic for professional advice on how to best take care of your complexion.

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