Breast skin tips

We have some tips on how to keep your breast skin beautiful...

good breast skinAcne spots
Heal and conceal existing pimples by applying a benzoyl-peroxide cream, then dabbing on a pimple-busting concealer containing salicylic acid. Avoid future breakouts by washing with a mild salicylic acid cleanser on a daily basis and after workouts.

Allergic Reactions
The red and/or itchy patches on your skin are probably caused by the fabric of your bra, your washing powder or even your perfume. Apply hydrocortisone cream and try to find out what sparked it by replacing all synthetic bras with cotton ones and switching to hypo-allergenic products.

Since shaving and waxing irritate sensitive breast skin; the safest way to get rid of hair is by tweezing: Pluck each hair at the base in one quick movement.

Stretch Marks
These permanent red or white streaks form after weight gain, weight loss or pregnancy. You may be able to make them less visible with a prescription Retin-A cream or laser treatments are good for this but you should see a dermatologist.
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