How to wear geek chick

Most of us look back at high school with a sigh of nostalgia. Unless, of course, you were a 'four eyes', 'teacher's pet' or some other nerdy type who was always made fun of. If so, you probably look back at adolescence with horror.

But, as it is with things of fashion, what goes around comes around and now it's clear that geeky clothing, accessories and hairstyles have created their own trend, capitulating what was once deeply unfashionable onto the catwalks and the streets.

a geek chick

What Is Geek Chic?
It's a mishmash of preppy school girl, science nerd and a dash of personal style and the whole look is basically built around the specs. Take 'bookish', for example, and add a hip twist. Pair heavy-framed glasses with plaid skirts, short-sleeved dresses, ankle socks, braces, brogues and ties. You can pair elements of the look with others, combining a sophisticated pencil skirt with ankle socks and heels for example, or knee-high tights to add a bit of geek to your chic.

How Do I Pull It Off?
Of course, the line between geek chic and just plain geek can be a fine one. You might find your tie slightly too thick or the hem of your short-sleeved mini-dress an inch too long. Should this happen, it's good to remember the true essence of a geek chick. Confidence. It's about wearing the look with a carefully cultivated expression of indifference, showing people that their opinions of you don't matter a whit. That you're too busy running your own software company to notice what they think of you anyway.

Fast Fact
To back up this trend, Mattel have announced that their next major release is Computer Engineer Barbie. We kid you not. She comes complete with a binary number tee, thick-framed specs, a pink laptop and matching cellphone headset.

Geek Chic Must-Haves
- Horn-rimmed glasses
- A heavy fringe (think Zooey Deschanel)
- Short-sleeved dresses
- Pleated skirts
- Ankle socks
- A blouse or two
- Cardigans and vests
- Brogues
- Plaid, plaid, plaid

beautiful geek chick
What else do you think you need?

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