Get your socks on!

Given that thigh high boots are so prominent in winter, this fashion trend should come as no surprise to you. Normally just a humble accessory that most woman hide, socks have now become one of 2013’s most popular fashion trends for woman.

a lady with long socks
You may find yourself rummaging through your sock draw and donning a pair of knee high socks, or over the knee socks, or thigh high socks. From sporty, sparkly, patterned and layering socks, a great pair of socks can add that extra (and sometimes much needed) eye-catching detail to an outfit. This will be one of the defining looks to work into your wardrobe and best of all they are transitional and will therefore suit a number of winter and summer fashion trends.

The art of wearing long socks stylishly is to avoid cheapening the look. Focus on their chic aspect by following these simple pointers...

Pick your length wisely: they have to suit your body’s shape. For example, if you have big thighs, thigh high socks will draw to much attention to them. If you are short, pair a short hemline and below the knee socks to imply greater height.

If you’re new to long socks, start with neutral colours such as black, grey, brown, cream and off-white. It makes it easier to mix and match as well as blend in and balance any outfit without drawing to much attention to them.

You need to create balance in terms of colour and style. If your socks are multi-coloured or feature an eye catching pattern then the rest of your outfit should be very simple.

It’s also always good to add trendy accessories, like platform high heels or interesting jewellery.

Another stylish and chic way to wear your socks is to pair them with a gorgeous and flowy, floral/boho dress or top. This is a fashion favourite.

Don’t be afraid to layer. Knee high socks and over the knee socks worn over sheer, patterned stockings can add a whole new dimension to an outfit.

Don’t pair knee high socks with tartan and plaid skirts unless you like the school girl look.

Avoid combining socks with anything that is too sexy. The socks already speak for themselves.

Avoid mixing many materials in one outfit. Stick to two or three as this creates a chic and sleek look. This also applies to colours.

Strappy sandals and shoes with super tall thin heels are a definite no no with socks. Anything else goes with long socks it just depends on your personal style, and whatever shoes you do decide to wear with them remember to wear them with confidence!

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