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The CHELSEA AESTHETIC CENTRE is a unique place, entirely devoted to beauty and well-being.  We are highly respected within the beauty industry and widely regarded as one of the most innovative and Top Aesthetic / Anti-Aging Clinics in the country.

client being treated inside the salonlady getting a treatment at the spa

We offer Beauty Treatments, Medical Aesthetic and Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatments, in conjunction with beauticians, dieticians, & medical physicians. We offer the latest range on Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatments for the treatment of cellulite, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, weight loss, and acne.  Our aim is to focus on a spectrum of the latest aesthetic and cosmetic procedures which are becoming more affordable and part of the everyday life of a modern society.

At Chelsea, we focus on the needs of our customers by offering a quality service at affordable prices.

The mission of CHELSEA AESTHETIC CENTRE - to combine scientific research, style and artistry in order to bring your greatest looks to life.

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